Quantifiable Savings

Utilizing our service often leads to dramatic reduction in costs, claims, absenteeism and increase in overall wellness and productivity..

The following is an example of how Vivana can lower health insurance costs.

The Savings

The Results

  • First Year Savings$45,000

    Conservatively, Vivana will save this group $45,000 per year.
  • Return on Investment108%

    Our estimated cost is $9 per employee per month or $21,600 for the first year.
    The $45,000 savings is a 108% return on the $21,600 annual cost!
  • Additional SavingsAbout $36,000

    Reduced Absenteeism: 1,500 hours = $36,000 in wages
    Environmental Impact: 12,000 miles = $5,715 in fuel cost
    Wellness Impact: potential reduction in claims & sick days